Black Friday Preparations

At midnight a rush of shoppers will be getting bargains at Best Buy's Black Friday sale. People have been lined up since last night just to get their hands on low priced items. Newschannel 6 was at Best Buy and we are told the most popular item everyone wants to get their hands on this year is flatscreen tv's.

People have been lined up for hours and some even braved the cold over night. Most people want to get their hands on any bargain priced flatscreen tv. Best Buy was closed all day Thanksgiving Day just to prepare for Black Friday madness, but for other stores like Walmart they have had their doors open 24 hours all week.

Preparations for Black Friday started three weeks ago for Walmart. This year they are raising the bar even higher for competition and starting Black Friday sales on Thursday at 10 p.m.
Brad Rodgers, Co-Manager at Walmart says, "I hope we stick with 10 and midnight or maybe even go back to actually having Black Friday instead of Thursday. Everybody is doing it so we have to go along with the competition."

And to stay ahead of the competition Rogers says extra man power was brought in. "We have to have extra man power and of course one of the challenges is the food holiday it being Thanksgiving. We have to have extra man power on the food side to take care of all the business from Saturday to Wednesday. At the same time preparing for the big event on the GM side Thursday night."

And by Thursday morning the sales floor was set up and ready to go. "We've actually got all the merchandise out on the sales floor already. It's all priced, wrapped, and ready to go."

Newschannel 6 is told the hottest item at Walmart this year is going to be their 51 inch plasma flatscreen tv. Customers will be able to come in the store line up in a general area. They will given a ticket, then be able to redeem their purchase."

Assistant Manager Michael Shook says at that point the stores get pretty hectic. "Extremely busy and hectic. We try and control it as best we can and we do a very good job of that. Just plan on being around a lot of people elbow to elbow very packed. People wanting to get the great savings and deals."

And just to make sure everything runs smoothly Rogers says police are on standby. "We do have extra security. We will have four Wichita Falls Police Officers to help keep the peace within the store just incase anything happens they are here already."

Walmart doors are open 24 hours but their first wave of Black Friday sales starts at 10pm the second wave starts at midnight. At Best Buy doors open at midnight. Walmart tells Newschannel 6 they are expecting well over 1,000 shoppers to hit their store for Black Friday bargains.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6