Shoppers Hunting for Deals on Black Friday

Black Friday was a bang for retailers and customers. 152 million people were expected to hit retailers Friday and this weekend and here in Texoma it wasn't any different.

From the highly spirited Black Friday shoppers.

"It's really busy and its awesome!" said young Blake McCleskey.

To those who wanted some girl time.

"A break from the kids is always a good idea and we still got the good deals," said Avis Lohr and Karry Bigalk.

The lines didn't stop Texomans from hitting the stores. Everywhere you looked you couldn't miss it:  bargains. Signs plastered across windows stationed in front of stores with those buy one get one half off or even free deals lured customers in.

"I got a pair of shoes out of Sears," said shopper Benita Donnell. "I think they were regularly $60. I got them for $14 and then with promotions I got them for $1.23."

From jewelry to clothes and electronics shoppers hit the mall looking to spend a little money.

"I bought some boots and I bought some towels," said Barbie Lytle.

The crowd came through early this morning, after midnight leaving the not so go-getter shoppers some room to browse.

"The lines weren't bad, some people in front of you, some places worse than others," said
"The crowds haven't been bad today it's been OK," said Lytle.

And for some that still meant a spending limit, "I have a budget for each one of my kids and as we go throughout the day I kind of know how much to spend on them," said mother Karry Bigalk.

For others it was a chance to save money or as Barbie Lytle says, spend it, "You can go broke saving money and that's probably what we're all doing actually."

Stores like Best Buy had customers lined up days in advance, many looking for that big screen 42 inch TV that sold for $199. Officials at the Wichita Falls Best Buy say they had 18 of those TV's and sold out in five minutes.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.