Holidays Bring More People to Faith Mission

"The need is very great," says Faith Mission volunteer Roberta Willis.

Workers at Faith Mission say they are desperate for donations this time of year.

"During Thanksgiving week we have an increase of people," says Becky Browning of Faith Mission.

Browning of Faith Mission says the holidays always bring greater numbers to their mission.

"Because people are struggling so, there is an increase in numbers.  We have an increase in families because of the holiday and the stretch and the cold weather that's come in," she says.

Browning says many are already struggling this time of year because of an increase in financial trouble and the extra struggle is bringing them to the mission.

"People that have the lack of funds, they see the time coming where the cold weathers going to be so they anticipate not having enough money to pay the bills," says Browning.

And with a steady increase now that is expected to last throughout the holiday season, the mission says they need the community's help to care for the less fortunate.

"They are asking for more coats, more hats, scarves and gloves, so that has increased," Browning says.

A Faith Mission volunteer says in past years the number of coat donations has been much higher than it is right now.

"They are coming in very slow, we really need them really super fast if you could," says long time volunteer, Roberta Willis.

"We're definitely going to need heavier coats, much heavier coats, heavier jackets too. Sweaters if you've got them," says Willis.

You can bring your donations to our news station at 3601 Seymour Highway or you can take them to Faith Mission.

Taelor Rian,Newschannel 6.