Black Friday and Local Business

Local businesses are seeing the last wave of Black Friday shoppers come through their doors. They are on the hunt for bargains on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Newschannel 6 spoke with some Wichita Falls businesses on Friday and they say they are expecting sales to double.

Local businesses are starting to see Black Friday bargain shoppers trickle in after Thursday's late night shopping madness. Local Wichita Falls business Finishing Touch only opened one hour early, but had their sales signs up and ready to go last night.

James Wetherbee, Owner of Finishing Touch says, "We mark stuff down, but we don't open up to early. We hand out coupons and we have a lot of half items."

Wetherbee says opening their doors at 8am is early enough. He says he will not compete with the larger retail stores Black Friday hours. "As a merchant I hope I'm never participating in something like that because Thanksgiving is family times. My employees need that time with their families."

And for Krystal Smith and her mother they enjoy that personal warming touch you get from shopping at small businesses. Smith comments, "Local business are the heart of the town in my opinion. They are what keep the town running. Those big business they don't care about the people want. It's better than walking into Walmart and having a 100 people run you over."

And although locally owned Mega Movie did not expect on being as busy at Walmart on Black Friday, they do expect movie rental sales to double. Jason Foster, Store Manager at Mega Movie comments, "The day after Thanksgiving everybody is just tired from shopping trying to relax and enjoy a movie. They spend more time with the family."

Saturday is official Small Business Saturday across the US. A day residents are encouraged get out in their communities and support their local economy by shopping with local merchants.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6