New Radio Repeater in Montague County

Radio repeaters work to help mobile emergency units communicate with the dispatcher.  In high emergency situations sometimes more than one mobile unit will need to contact dispatch and in Montague County that can be a problem.

"You just have to wait for somebody to quit talking so you can get on basically," says Montague Sheriff Paul Cunningham.

Sheriff Cunningham says Montague County only has one repeater, making it easy for that single frequency to get clogged when more than one person is trying to use it at a time.

"One channel just cant support it," says Cunningham.

That's why another repeater being installed in the county is good news.

"This will benefit the Sheriffs office, highway patrol, the fire department, ambulances and anybody that uses a radio system in Montague," Cunningham explains.

The new repeater comes to Montague from Jack County.  After they lost the radio tower it was connected to, it served them no purpose.  The machine went back to the grant holders, Homeland Security, before making its way to Montague.

Sheriff Cunningham says, "They decided that Montague County had the greatest need for it."

The $23,000 equipment given to them was almost completely free of cost.  The county has to pay only for installation and license fees, coming out to about $1,500.  Sheriff Cunningham says the installation will help every emergency service in the county providing them with more ways to communicate when emergencies come up.

"That really helps in the high traffic times or with critical incidents or large incidents that we are working," he says.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.