Nocona Paving The Way for Green Environment

It took a lot of time and effort but now one month later Nocona is looking better than ever. The city adopted a recyclable container for all products and residents are putting it to good use. These efforts are part of bigger organization. Keep Nocona Beautiful began about two decades ago, it died down for quite some time but now it's revived and their "green" outlook on the environment is just one initiative that's regenerating the town.

"I feel that it's important because it will save the environments. It'll make everybody want to come here," said Nocona High School Student Josie Chism.

"It just encourages kids that you can make a change no matter what it is," said Nocona Middle School Student Morgan Dyer.

The duo splits their time from the classroom to the recycling station as part of Keep Nocona Beautiful. For some they may seem overly excited about salvaging material, but to others, well it fits them just fine.

"It's just crazy how much weight we get from two schools. I think I read in the paper it was like 1,736 pounds. It was a lot just from the middle school and high school," they said.

"3,300 pounds and it only took this community four weeks before it was full," said President of Keep Nocona Beautiful, Kim Morris.

She helped bring the container to town last month and she recruited some passionate students to raise awareness, it was enough to get the community excited.

"It is completely full," said Morris.

Kim Morris says there's not any other nearby location where residents can comingle their trash, much less even have a recyclable container and she's glad that Nocona is paving the way.

"We've got a lot of new things happening in town and we want people to come to town and want to be here and want to see what we've done," she said.

The recycle container is open on Saturdays from 8 a.m. until noon. That's when residents are asked to drop off their material. The town partnered with IESI which picks up the bin once a month. Keep Nocona Beautiful recently received a $15,000 grant to help pay for the bin and the transfer of the recyclables. The grant came from TCEQ through Nortex Regional Planning Commission.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.