Hunters for the Hungry: Deer Season Meat Donations

Each year nearly 200,000 pounds of unused deer meat is donated to families in need across Texas. Right now, deer season is in full swing and the Texas Hunters For The Hungry Program is working with meat processing facilities to feed the needy once again.

Newschannel 6 was in Seymour and spoke with Bayco Meat Processing. They expect to donate over a thousand pounds of deer meat this year. Jerry Barton, Owner of Bayco Meat Processing tells us they have been a part of The Hunters For The Hungry for ten years now. Barton says during deer season he will donate the majority of his excess meat to Faith Mission. Just so no meat is wasted.

Last year Bayco Meat Processing donated- 1,200 pounds of deer meat to families in need through The Texas Hunters For The Hungry Program. Owner Jerry Barton hopes to hit those same numbers this year, despite the drought set back. Barton comments, "This year we will probably be a little down because the drought has affected deer. That's what the game warden and hunters are telling me."

But despite the slight decrease in deer numbers Barton says his business is growing every year. Getting involved with The Hunters For The Hungry Program has helped tremendously.    
"There's a lot more business coming in. A lot of the land around Seymour is sold to hunters and you see a lot of them on weekends coming through town."

Barton says the program requires any hunter who brings in their tagged deer for donation will receive a reduced processing fee. At that point Barton grinds up the meat and puts it in two pound packaging. Then it is ready to be donated and not an ounce of meat is wasted.

Barton says in a sport such as hunting deer he encourages all hunters doing it just for antlers. To take in the extra meat his way so he can put it to good use.

Jerry Barton tells us he not only donates deer meat  after deer season. He also donates beef a few times a year. Last year he donated a total of 4,000 pounds of beef and deer meat to several charitable organizations.

The Texas Hunters For The Hungry Program works with 100 meat processing plants across Texas just like Bayco in Seymour.

If you are a hunter and would like to donate your deer meat through The Hunters For The Hungry Program you can visit their website to find all meat processing facilities near you.

You can contact Bayco Meat Processing at (940) 889-2424.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6