Texoma Children in Need of Christmas Gifts

Each year Faith Mission collects applications from families in need who would like to receive Christmas gifts for their children.

"Our numbers are really low right now," says Tracie Wingo of Faith Mission.

With 111 children who have yet to be adopted for Faith Missions annual Christmas present donation, Wingo says its getting down to the wire.

"We only have one week left before our deadline," she says.

Gifts are to be collected and ready for donation by December 8th, but with so many children still on the list she says its been hard finding people willing to donate.

"We really need some donors to step up and help us with Christmas this year," says Wingo.

This year has been different than most usually this close to the donation day, the list of children in need is a lot shorter.

Wingo says, "In the past we have had churches that step up, businesses around the community that step up and individuals that call and take a few names, but this year we're finding a decrease in the amount that people can adopt this year because of economic reasons."

She also says its been economic reasons that have caused the number of children needing gift donations to spike.  She says the amount of families wanting to sign their children up to receive gifts was overwhelming this year and even though the deadline to apply for help past in October she says calls still come in everyday.

"There's a lot of emotions involved when people come and ask for assistance," she says.

The program is easy you call in and you get the name and age of a child needing gifts.

"At least three Christmas gifts for each child.  It doesn't have to be anything expensive or extravagant," Wingo says.

Faith Mission desperately needs the communities help to make sure each child has a happy Christmas.

"We're looking, hoping that people around the community will step up and help get these last 111 children adopted and give them gifts," she says.

To sign up, call Faith Mission at (940)723-5663.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.