Clay County Outreach in Need of More Donations

"It's hard times for everybody and everybody is trying to stay warm its not just me, it's everybody," says Henrietta resident Sue Hughes.  Hughes says the cold weather has been taking a toll on her and her animals.

"Haven't been able to find or I'm not financially able to get another heater to put in my room, my bedroom.   I've had to move up to my living room where the only heater that I have is at in order to be able to stay warm," she says.

Hughes came to the Clay County Outreach today hoping to find a heater, but the outreach's director, Mildred Gannon says, "No, we do not have a heater at all."

It has been over a month since they saw their last space heater and blanket donations.

"We need blankets and we need electric heaters because the people, a lot of them maybe have only one small heater for their house," says Gannon.

She says the weather has been bringing in greater numbers of those in need and with even colder temperatures on the way, she only expects the need to grow.

"It's heartbreaking because we wish could do more, but without the donations we can't and that's why we put out a plea for everyone to help us," she says.

The outreach says donations of winter clothes and heating equipment are always appreciated by the organization and even more appreciated by those in need.

Sue Hughes says,"I just pray that there's people out there that will see this today and will open up their hearts and go out and offer to help people that in predicaments like mine."

To donate to the Clay County Outreach you can call them at (940) 538-4998 or visit them at 416 E. Gilbert St., Henrietta, TX.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.