Open Burning On Wichita Falls Council Agenda

Tuesday Wichita Falls City Councilors will be considering allowing open burning in Wichita Falls. A proposed ordinance will allow for brush piles to be burned under the supervision of Wichita Falls Fire Department officials. There are stringent conditions tied to the ordinance, and any burning would be inspected before and then closely monitored by the fire department. This is for agricultural burning or for land that has been cleared for development. Right now the only open burning allowed in the city is for bon fires.
The City Council is also expected to commit the city to spearhead a Joint Land Use Study for Sheppard Air Force Base.
That study will include several surrounding communities and the City of Frederick, Oklahoma. Frederick is where Sheppard's Auxiliary Airfield is. What the study will look at, is land that is surrounding the base that could be made available should expansion need to occur. The study will also look into protecting private land owners as well. 90% of that study will be paid for by the Department of Defense and should take 10 to 12 months.  
Newschannel 6 will follow that and all other agenda items for you.