Black Friday Gun Sales Set Record

Gun shops across the country ended Black Friday with a bang. According to the FBI it was the biggest day for background checks from prospective buyers. Authorities report that 129,166 people were trying to buy a gun on Black Friday and officials expect that sales could be more than that since multiple firearms can be purchased. The previous record was set on Black Friday of 2008 which was 97,848. The FBI does not know the exact number of guns sold because it does not keep track of sales. Newschannel 6 visited the Wichita Falls Gun & Knife Show to talk with experts.

Black Friday wasn't just about shopping for good bargains on clothes and electronics, it seemed folks were out looking to snag a deal on a firearm.

"It was a pretty good day. A lot of people came in. A lot of sales," said Ted Knox, Co-Owner of Texas Knifeworks & Guns. Knox says he sold about a dozen firearms that day, many that were priced with a Black Friday bargain but he also thinks it was more than a good deal that lured customers in.

"We've seen an increase in crime lately and most people want to protect themselves and the way to do it is to carry a handgun."

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation 25 percent of first time buyers are women. Kathy Richardson is a concealed handgun license instructor who says now more than ever the females are the ones packing the heat.

"Because of all the crime that's out there they want to be able to carry a handgun on their purse for self-protection," she said.

And it's that handgun that many women want for Christmas.

"They're just now learning how to shoot and they get really excited about it so right around Christmas time they go out and they find themselves a gun they like and their husband will buy it for them."

The FBI has no exact reasoning on why so many Americans wanted to buy a gun. It could simply be that more people on Black Friday were fired up over owning their own firearm.

The Wichita Falls Gun & Knife show is over, but not before getting in a great crowd. Organizers say it was the best attendance of their shows this year.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6