Okla. Judge To Rule On Lawmaker Conspiracy Charge

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - An Oklahoma County judge will decide whether to authorize conspiracy charges against a state representative and a former state senator who already face felony bribery charges in an alleged scheme to coax the senator into retirement in exchange for an $80,000-a-year state job.

District Judge Ray Elliott will decide Monday whether to add conspiracy to the charges against Republican Rep. Randy Terrill of Moore and former Democratic former Sen. Debbe Leftwich of Oklahoma City.

Following a preliminary hearing last month, Special Judge Stephen Alcorn ruled there was sufficient evidence to try them for bribery but not conspiracy. Prosecutors appealed to Elliott.

Prosecutors claim Terrill and Leftwich plotted to set Leftwich up in state job so a Republican colleague of Terrill's could run for her open seat. Both deny the allegations.