Couple Works to Feed Montague

A Montague couple is using their small food bank to help alleviate hunger in their community and most of the food and funds are coming out of their own pocket.  Larry Carter, the creator of the food bank says there are no other food banks in the town.  Before they opened their doors about nine months ago, those struggling to find food in Montague had to travel out of town for help.

"We knew that there was a need that existed in this area," Carter says.

Since last march Larry and his wife have been running their small food bank in Montague.   They say this is their way of giving back to their community.  "We decided we wanted something to do in our retirement years to try to help the community since we were born and raised here and know most of the people."

The project really is their own.  Carter says while they have received some donations, most of the food in their inventory has been purchased with their own money.

"We try to find things that are on sale without buying something that nobody would eat.  We don't want to stock anything that we wouldn't eat ourselves," says Carter.

A lot of the motivation behind running the food bank comes from personal experience.  Carter says he remembers when his family that was struggling.

"Had three kids at home to feed and pay for a house and a car and all of that so we knew or still know what it was like to have limited income and really have a need for some groceries in the cabinet," Carter explains.

The Christ Can Food Bank has served about 30 families since it first opened.  The Carter's hope by getting the word out, they will be able to help more households.

"We are here to help in anyway we can," says Carter.

Christ Can Food Bank is located at 154 Franklin St. in Montague.  For more information you can call Carolyn Carter at (940) 841-3559.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.