Burk Crime Spree Ended

Burkburnett Police say they have put an end to a crime spree. Detectives say a juvenile has confessed to nearly a dozen car break-ins and led them to the stolen property. Right now, investigators are working to reconnect a bunch of that stolen property to its owners.

BPD said most of the burglaries happened to cars that were unlocked with valuables in plain sight. Investigators say the task now is putting the pieces together of which valuables belong to which victim. "We're taking the items that we have located and retrieved and we're going back through our reports on our car break-in's over the last several weeks. It's a number of reports that you have to go through to try and remember who reported what," said Detective Ed Stahr.

Stahr said they first arrested the juvenile after catching the teen with a group of other teens out past curfew around midnight on Thursday. They say the juvenile was arrested for having an illegal knife. The teen now faces charges of Burglary of a Vehicle. 

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6