Police Officer, One Other, Shot and Killed on Virginia Tech Campus

BLACKSBURG, Va. (AP) - Virginia Tech officials say a police
officer and another person have been shot and killed on the
school's campus.
      The suspect remains on the loose.
      A news release from the school says the police officer had
pulled someone over in what was a routine traffic stop Thursday.
The officer was shot and killed during the traffic stop.
      Witnesses told police the shooter ran toward a parking lot on
campus. A second person was found dead in that parking lot.
      Virginia State Police will be taking over the investigation,
according to the news release.
      The shooting comes the same day as Virginia Tech is appealing a
$55,000 fine by the Education Department in connection with the
university's response to a 2007 rampage. A student gunman killed 32
students and faculty and then shot himself on the campus in 2007.