Authorities Investigate Dog Poisoning

"The past two or three months we've been finding dead animals in the yard," says dog owner Gene Arbuckle.

He says it has not been uncommon for him to find dead animals thrown over his fence.  Birds, possums, and pieces of goats and sheep have all been found, but up until recently it hasn't been dangerous.

"We found a deer head in the driveway and the dogs were eating on it," says Arbuckle.

Three of Arbuckles dogs got a hold of the deer head and started showing symptoms of poisoning almost immediately.  One of the dogs died that same night.  He says he rushed his pet to the vet.

"He ran some toxicology tests and found that the poison was strychnine," Arbuckle explains.

Strychnine is a poison most often used as a pesticide and is extremely deadly.  Arbuckle says this is not the first time something like this has happened to dogs on his street.

"Me and my neighbors have experienced other animals, dogs in particular being poisoned," he says.

Just a few months back his neighbors lost two of the boxers to what they also believe was poison.  Many other dogs and cats have also been found dead he says and now they have authorities to help them catch whoever is responsible.

Arbuckle says,"If they are doing it now, they will continue doing it.  It's like losing a child, a child that you've raised from a pup and give them the love and they return the love."

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.