MSU Reacts to VT Shooting

For the second time in five years, law enforcement officers responded to the campus of Virginia Tech about a shooting attack. Word quickly spread on the Midwestern State University campus in Wichita Falls. Students were shaken up.

Students gathered in class in the Theatre Department spoke out about it. "That's scary, you're supposed to be safe in a campus, you're supposed to be safe at school," said Sophomore Morgan Burkey.

In the same class, Junior Marcus Jones was baffled by the attack. "It is a tragedy and the thing about it is, I believe that this should not happen, this should not be happening," he said.

Students were given some comfort knowing that the MSU Police are trained to deal with an active shooter situation. "When these situations happen, you're going to have a multi agency response, not just one agency is going to handle it. So, we came up with tactics to teach multiple officers from multiple agencies - they may not even know each other - so they can go in and try to rectify a situation if it comes up on their campus," explained Police Chief Dan Williams.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6