Clay County Outreach Needs Your Help for Christmas

Organizations across Texoma are in need and Christmas is just around the corner. Many non-profits are struggling to keep their shelves filled with gifts for children. Clay County Outreach opened its doors for us. Newschannel 6 visited the facility and they tell us they are in need of gifts.

Clay County Outreach says they are in need of gifts for children of all ages. Director Mildred Gannon tells us she already has a list of 80 kids needing gifts for Christmas. She says by next week she plans on seeing that list reach 100.

Clay County Outreach has been providing Christmas gifts for needy families year after year,  but most recently they are seeing an increase in families reaching out and asking for help.

George Finto, Clay County resident says, "It's been difficult all year long. If it wasn't for this mission we wouldn't have a Christmas at all." Finto and his wife have taken full custody of their two grandchildren. Finto says with only two social security checks coming in Christmas would have not been possible last year, and this year they need the help again. "We get a thrill out of it. It's the most exciting thing on earth to see my babies faces light up with some toy they got. It might not be much, but they do light up."

Natasha Martinez has seven children and is also dependent on the gifts Clay County Outreach gives. "They've made it so that each of my kids get a stocking and presents. It is able to help stretch what little bit of money I do get."

Director Mildred Gannon says for Clay County Outreach to continue to provide gifts for every child in need they rely on the communities support for donations. "We don't want any child to go without Christmas presents because that is something that is necessary. They need the joy of being able to open their gifts and see what they get for Christmas."

And on Christmas day Finto says he and his family are so thankful for any present his grandchildren get. "As long as we get something to eat, have a roof over our head, and the kids get something like this, we're thankful."

Mildred Gannon says right now Clay County Outreach is low on gifts and toys. They especially need more gifts for the older kids, like pre-teen and teenagers.

Clay County Outreach tells Newschannel 6 if you live in Clay County and need assistance this Christmas they will be handing out toys and gifts Thursday. To see if you qualify you can contact Clay County Outreach at (940) 538-4998.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6