First Alcohol Sales in Bowie

The first store in Bowie to offer alcohol to customers stocked its shelves this weekend.  Tommy Fenoglio owns the Ultimate Stop convenient store.  His shelves have been fully stocked as of Friday and he says sales are already picking up despite the disapproval of some Bowie residents.

"Our license came in about 4 o'clock Friday and when it hit the computers all the beer salesman found it and they were literally here within the hour unloading," Fenoglio says.

He says he was excited to see his first shipment of beer into his convenient store and customers have been even more excited.

"They come in and go oh you've got beer, I'm glad," he says.  But not everyone is glad to see the alcohol.

Pastor Mike Henson of First Baptist Church in Bowie says he does not think it will benefit the community.  He says he was surprised when the vote passed moving Bowie from dry to wet, but he says he can respect it.

"The election is already over.  We live in a democracy and we had a fair vote, fair and square and it passed and so I respect that," says Henson.

But that doesn't mean he isn't concerned.

"Why should I for the sake of my convenience or the sake of me making a few more dollars put a stumbling block in someone's way and that my concern.  There will be people that it effects," he says.

Fenoglio says he feels this gives Bowie the chance to bring in more money.  Already he says numbers look good.

"The tax money is going to be incredible," he says.

Overall he thinks this is what Bowie needs.

"It's something that's needed in the community.  They are having to drive to Nocona and it's a 40 mile round trip just to get a case of beer.  It's silly.

But those who oppose the sale of alcohol have been vocal.

"I'm hearing rumors in the city limits of Bowie that there are some petitions that maybe circulated.  I heard they are going to boycott businesses if they put liquor in and that kind of stuff," says Fenoglio.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.