Green Energy in Vernon

New jobs are on the way. A green energy company has invested in the City of Vernon and promises to bring work. We have been following the developing stages of Abundant Energy, a story we first brought you in April. Newschannel 6 sat down with Abundant Energy and they say they are excited to be up and running.

Doug Burns, President and CEO of Abundant Energy says three employees are working at the manufacturing plant right now. Burns says Abundant Energy is on track with what they anticipated for 2011, but by 2014 they plan on creating 100 jobs. That is something the City of Vernon is looking forward too.

The Business Development Corporation of Vernon is brining business and green energy to its community. Sean Stockard, CEO of the Business Development Corporation in Vernon comments, "Green energy being the up and coming industry as it is, we felt that it made sense for us to make an effort to go out and attract the green industry."

Stockard says since they have made the strategic effort to focus on green energy four years ago, two wind turbine energy manufacturing plants have set their roots in Vernon. Also one wind farm is set to be constructed this year. The BDC says working with large industry wind energy companies can also breed other smaller wind productions energy companies. The BDC says everyone is on board.

Stockard comments, "We've put together a package of tax incentives, cash, and work force programs that was specifically geared towards the wind energy and solar energy communities."

Abundant Energy made the decision to open its main manufacturing plant in Vernon and now it is gearing up to start its construction phase. Abundant Energy is set to start manufacturing their two product lines of renewable energy resources, wind turbines and  hydrokinetic turbines. All the work will create 100 jobs in Vernon.   

Doug Burns, President and CEO of Abundant Energy says, "We anticipate some exciting things for this community in terms of jobs. We're pleased at where we are in our wind business and excited about what's on the horizon for the water business. We're excited to be here and excited for what we can hopefully bring to the Vernon community."

The BDC says between Abundant Energy and the other two wind energy companies coming into town, over 200 jobs will be created in the next four years.

The BDC tells Newschannel 6 they have been successful with attracting various wind energy companies because Wilbarger County happens to sit within the U.S. wind power corridor. The best area for wind generation and wind production.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel  6