Throckmorton Enters Into Severe Water Shortage

Tuesday night the City of Throckmorton entered into Stage 3 Severe Water Shortage in its drought contingency plan. That means residents must make a 35 percent reduction in total water use, under Stage 2 the city had cut its water usage to 20 percent.

Will Carroll the city mayor says if substantial rain does not come the city could enter into Stage 4, which is critical, as early as spring.

City Mayor Will Carroll remembers the year 2000 like it was yesterday.

"Our lake got to the point of 6 percent capacity," said Carroll. "The only way to get water out of it was to float a pump on a raft."

So the city took drastic measures and created a 15 mile pipeline that connected to Graham's water treatment plant to help supply water for residents. That time has long past, but it's seems the problem is reoccurring

"Right now our lake is 33 percent which is 9 feet below the spillway."

And with no significant rain in sight the city decided to implement Stage 3 Tuesday.

"I think it's really necessary for city government to take the appropriate measures to make sure
the community has appropriate water supply," said resident Randy King.

Residents we spoke with off camera in Throckmorton felt the city needed to do what's
best, even if means more water conservation measures.

"We try to be conservative with water. We just follow our own guidelines that just fall in place with the community." said King.

"It just becomes a way of life you learn how to use less water," said Mayor Carroll.

Stage 3 measures are similar to that of Stage 2 with the addition of no golf course watering and fire hydrants can not be used for construction purposes. So far residents have been compliant.

"The awareness of the value of the resource of water is great in Throckmorton, people understand that," he said.

Mayor Carroll continues to remain optimistic about the future, not looking at the lake as two-thirds empty but one-third full.

Mayor Carroll wants to make it clear the city has not received water from Graham since 2000. Two years ago there was a dire situation, but it was still not used. With Stage 3 in place the city can receive water from the pipeline, but Mayor Will Carroll says that will only happen if it's absolutely necessary. To read Throckmorton's Water Restrictions, click here.

Newschannel 6 has been following drought contingency plans across Texoma. To see what stage your city is in, click here.

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