Electrical Fire Claims Home

A house went up in flames early this morning leaving two residents without a home.  The blaze  broke out on Ulen Lane and took the Wichita Falls fire department about 30 minutes to knock out.

"I got a call at 5:26 this morning from my roommate saying that our house was possibly on fire," says resident Jerry Smith.

He says he and his roommate were away from home when the flames erupted.

"Fire trucks, sheriff's department had all that blocked off up there," Smith says.

He arrived in time to see fire covering his home and multiple units fighting to put the flames out.  Newschannel 6 was there this afternoon as Smith walked through what little still remains of his home.

"I'm surprised to see how it went through the house where it mainly started up," he says.

According to Smith, electrical problems have always been an issue in their home, especially in the living room.  His roommate says he believes it was an electrical heater plugged into an outlet in this room that first sparked the fire.  The blaze quickly engulfed the entire house, only leaving a few sentimental items untouched.

"I went through a couple of the rooms and I'm impressed to see that my Bible is still intact and my dad's army picture still intact and a lot of my baby pictures," says Smith.

While this loss is shocking and scary, he says he's just thankful that no one was home at the time.  Smith says material things are easy to replace, but a life is gone forever.

"It's a loss, but it's not a big loss.  It would have been a big loss if either my roommate or me were in the house," he says.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.