Patsy's House Helps Heal During the Holiday Season

Every year nearly 300 sexual abused children walk through Patsy's House doors and those numbers are just in Wichita County alone and only the reported cases. Patsy's House says during the holiday season they see a spike in case numbers.

Newschannel 6 is taking a closer look at how Patsy's House really helps. We are told the holidays can put a lot of stress on families. Keri Goins, Executive Director from Patsy's House financial strain can really take a toll on a family, and in most cases the children will see the physical abuse or neglect. Goins says after Christmas their sexual abuse cases will increase by 10% to 15%.

In a season fit for joy, giving, and trust Patsy's House is dealing with an entirely different issue. They are helping give back to those children who have been neglected and sexually abused. Goins comment, "The holiday season is a very busy time for us. Unfortunately through the holidays we do often see a spike in cases."

On average after Christmas Patsy's House will treat 15 to 20 cases monthly. That is a 10% to 15% increase of what they usually see. Goins says, "During the holiday's children are seeing relatives they don't generally see. About 85 percent of the cases we of sexual abuse, the child is hurt by someone they know, trust, or love."

To help prevent any harm to your children, Patsy's House says it is crucial for every parent to talk with their kids and communicate. Especially in a time when they are exposed to a lot more people. "One of the most important things is to talk to your children about their private parts and make sure they have accurate names for their private parts. Make sure they feel comfortable talking to you about it and make sure they know no one is supposed to touch those parts. And if they do it is ok to tell mommy and daddy no matter what."

Daily, Patsy's House seeks to continue to help heal sexually abused children. Goins comments, "The kids that come to us are so courageous. They are telling us some of the worst things that has ever happened to them and it's a very hard thing to do, especially when they know its going to put stress on their families."

To help make Christmas a special time for all the families and children Patsy's House has treats, they will provide 100 families in need with various presents and gifts. All the gifts were made possible through donations.

If you would like to donate a present for a family in need, you can contact Patsy's House at (940) 322-8890.

Patsy's House wants to remind every parent to keep a close eye on their children anytime they are exposed to larger crowds of people. In the case that a child acts out or has an increase of insecurities, can be warning signs to look for of possible sexual abuse.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6