Avoiding Holiday Present Thefts

Burkburnett Police are seeing a rise in property crimes. They said as Christmas nears, many crooks are looking for quick cash. Shoppers need to take care to avoid a thieving Grinch from getting away with their goods.

Most of the crimes involve things easily taken. "Anything electronic iPods, gaming systems anything like that. Anything that is a quick sell to make money off of… Folks are hard up for money it seems like an easy way to try to get ahead," said Burk PD Detective Royce Challis.

Officers are out on patrol, looking for the criminals, but Detective Challis said there are things shoppers should do to help thwart the thieves. "The main thing is, just be vigilant making sure your vehicles are locked, hiding all your valuables inside your vehicle. If you're going to take presents and go from store to store, make sure you secure them inside your trunk," he said.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6