Grant Helping Electra Repair Streets

A $275,000 grant is helping repair streets in Electra. It's a sigh of relief for many residents who have to deal with beat-up roads. City officials began going door to door surveying residents on Monday and will do that Wednesday as well. The grant was from Nortex Regional Planning Commission and it can only be used on roads in areas of town with low to moderate income homeowners.

Fifteen years of living on Glisson Avenue and Kenneth Shelley still tries to avoid it.

"We have to come down the little distance from our driveway into our home, but obviously if we didn't have a reason to drive down this street we wouldn't," said Shelley.

It's old, fill with potholes and get progressively worse as the years go on.

"The little bit of asphalt that was on it as that time had deteriorated away to where there's
very little left now," he said.

The problem spans much further. Many streets in town look just almost identical, a similarity the City of Electra plans to fix.

"In Electra we have so many streets that have fallen into disrepair and we don't necessarily
have the sale tax revenue to fix it, but this grant will allow us to fix a lot of neighborhoods
that we wouldn't be able to with out it," said Katherine Cumpton, Communications Coordinator with Electra.

$275,000 will go a long way in town. Fifteen to 20 blocks will get more than just a pothole fix, they'll be completely redone.

"Streets that have the most damage, we'll try to pick those, and then determine from income level," said Cumpton.

No brick streets will see any kind of makeover for historical purposes. Like many residents who live near unruly streets Kenneth Shelley hopes  that his will be chosen for repairs.

The construction on the roads won't begin until several months from now. A  group in Lubbock will go through the surveys and determine which areas will be selected for repairs.

City officials say they need 81 percent of residents to participate. All those questions they are asking remain completely confidential and will only be looked at by a company in Lubbock overseeing the project.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.