FAA To Issue Rules Aimed At Tired Airline Pilots

WASHINGTON (AP) - Federal aviation officials are set to release rules aimed at preventing airline pilots from flying while dangerously fatigued.

The Federal Aviation Administration is scheduled to release the rules governing pilot work schedules today, nearly three years after the deadly crash of a regional airliner flown by two
exhausted pilots.

Researchers say fatigue can impair a pilot's performance by slowing reflexes and eroding judgment, much like alcohol.
An effort by the FAA in the late 1990s to develop new rules stalled when pilot unions and airlines were unable to find common ground.

The effort was revived after the February 2009 crash of a regional airliner near Buffalo, N.Y., killing 50 people. Cargo airlines, which often fly overnight, have been lobbying the administration for less stringent rules than passenger-carrying airlines.