Sheppard Airmen Build a Home for the Holidays

A Texoma family will have a brand new home thanks to a squadron from Sheppard Air Force Base.  The 362nd Squadron teamed up with Habitat for Humanity to build a new home for a local family.

"They are awesome.  They are doing it out of the kindness of their hearts, they want to help another family and it just brings me a lot of joy," says the future homeowner Tiffanie Rivers.

Rivers says her two year old son's health problems created the need for this new home.  "He has a lot of allergies and respiratory problems so we're thinking that it's the carpet at our house now."

Currently living in a rented older home, Rivers says her and her husband have always wanted to be homeowners themselves.

"They are willing to help you and make your dreams come true of being a homeowner," Rivers says of Habitat for Humanity and the squadron and the people working to make their dreams come true say its been just as rewarding for them.

"It's overall just a good project especially around the holidays to complete a house so quickly for a family and get them in there.  It's nice," says Sergeant Michael Corbitt.

Eleven days in and they say the home is near completion.

Lauren Correll of Habitat for Humanity says, "To turn that around in such a short time frame without much help from outside volunteers is just a huge undertaking, so we are really appreciative of the 362nd Squadron."

What usually takes about 1,300 hours to complete will be done within 15 volunteer days and the airmen hope this family feels the love behind their work.

"I just hope they feel that they are supported by the local base that we have out there in Wichita Falls Sheppard Air Force Base," says Sergeant Corbitt.

"They are awesome and they are like family.  I met them before they started building.  It's awesome, it came at perfect timing," says Rivers.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.