Meals On Wheels Clients Receive Extra Meals

Christmas can be a joyous time for the gathering of family and friends for a hearty meal, but for some it is another day to worry about food. The team at THE Kitchen, formerly known as Senior Citizens Services of North Texas, hopes to change that for hundreds of area home-bound seniors and disabled people.

"The Christmas season seems to be especially difficult for many clients we serve and we decided to go above and beyond for those that receive Meals On Wheels this year," stated Jackie Hamm, executive director of THE Kitchen.

The team at THE Kitchen discussed the situation and decided two extra meals, delivered with the regular Wednesday and Thursday deliveries would help their clients' have a Merry Christmas.

There is a catch to this effort, normal funding streams do not provide for extra meal delivery. Thankfully donations were received specifically for this effort. In fact, without that funding the extra meals would not be possible.

Last year alone THE Kitchen prepared, packaged and delivered over 290,000 meals for their programs. The cost for the food to make those meals was over $440,000, and due to funding cuts from several sources THE Kitchen began the fiscal year needing almost a half million dollars to fill the budget gap.

"We are determined to continue our tradition of service and the next two days are part of our service. We are doubling the number of meals to our regular Meals On Wheels clients and, as we do each weekday, we will provide meals for the Red Door, Green Door and for the Kid's Meals program in which we take part," Hamm said.

The extra work is well worth the effort according to Hamm, the team is happy to make a difference this holiday season for those they serve.