Lockerbie Bomber Insists He Was Wrongly Convicted

LONDON (AP) - The convicted Lockerbie bomber claims to have new evidence on the 1988 attack on Pan Am Flight 103 that he says could clear his name.

Abdel Baset al-Megrahi was convicted in 2001 over the attack, which killed 270 people. He was freed from a Scottish jail on compassionate grounds in August 2009 after doctors estimated he had only three months to live due to cancer.

In an interview published in British newspapers Thursday, al-Megrahi protested his innocence and claimed testimony from a Maltese shopkeeper was flawed.

Prosecutors said al-Megrahi had bought clothes in Malta that were later packed around the bomb.

The Libyan, who insists he is on the brink of death, says he collaborated on a new book that will offer new proof he did not carry out the bombing.