Increase in Food Donations at Bowie Mission

It's the time of year when many missions and outreaches find it hard to get the amount of donations they need, but this holiday season the Bowie Mission says they have seen an increase in the amount of giving to their organization.

The Bowie Mission says the increase in donations came at the perfect time with an increase of families coming to their doors for food around the holidays.  These donations have helped them feed everyone in need.

"We've had 60 families and we've got 2 hours and 15 minutes left," says Mission Co-Director David White.

Every Thursday the mission sees more and more families come through their doors.

"We knew we would be busy today, the last day before Christmas that they can come in," he says.

Usually this time of year donations can come up short, leaving mission shelves empty, but thanks to recent help from the community the Bowie Mission has more than enough to give.

"We have people bringing money and all kinds of organizations having food drives for us and its very good.  We got three $1,000 checks, just boom from different organizations and individuals last week and we've got money coming today," White says.

He says several schools in the area have also held food drives for the mission, bringing in more than 2,000 lbs of canned goods.  The rise in food donations mean families get a little extra this holiday season.

"We're very thankful, everybody has gotten a turkey and a ham and it just keeps coming in, it's a wonderful time of year."

Even though this time of year reminds the mission's volunteers just how many people are struggling, White says they are happy they can be a help.

"It's nice.  It makes it fun work down here when you see it coming in one door and going out the other door." White explains, "Everybody is blessed."

He says the mission is thankful for the community's support.  Without their help this holiday season many could have gone hungry.  He says it feels good to help those in need this Christmas.  "We help them out, but we get blessed also."

Last month the Bowie Mission gave out over 19,000 lbs of food.  They say they expect to surpass that number this month.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.