Real Life 'Home Alone' - Home Invaders Ruin Kid's Christmas

Its like the real life Home Alone. With just hours left until Christmas morning, police in Dallas are searching for suspects that invaded a home, terrorized a family and even unwrapped and stole a little boy's Christmas presents right in front of him.

Police say crooks rang the door bell of a Dallas home while an 11 year old boy was home alone. The boy said he had a bad feeling about it and didn't open the door. That's when the robbers broke into the house, stuffed the little boy into a closet, then unwrapped all his presents.

They took all the gifts, but not before leaving the home in shambles. It left 11 year old Adrian Paredes in shock. "They trashed the whole place - here, my room, they unwrapped my presents and took my skateboard," he said.

The boy was able to get over to a neighbor's house and call 911. Police called the boy a hero for getting away. Little Adrian says he feels lucky to be alive.