Thieves Targeting Holiday Trash

Texomans need to be on the lookout for thieves. The holiday trash you leave behind could be an open invitation to criminals. The Wichita Falls Police Department says residents need to be extra careful on what they throw away.

Many may still be unpacking your Christmas gifts and putting trash out on the curb, but putting your trash on the curb could make your home a target for thieves. Wichita Falls Police Officer Brandie Young says anytime you create an opportunity for criminals crime is going to go up.

Christmas time has come and gone, but all those gifts you might of received can make your home a target for those looking for an easy steal. That is why disposing of your trash the right way is crucial. Officer Young comments, "Don't set them out by your curb so that everybody that drivers by knows you've got those things in your house."

Officer Young says crime will got up after the holidays if people do don't dispose of their holiday trash the right way. she says, "Anytime we provide that opportunity it is going to increase. Holidays are a good time for criminals because we do provide them that opportunity." For anyone not wanting to become a victim of theft WFPD recommends not leaving any of those large gift boxes out in plain sight. They suggest you break down each large box and if the box does not fit inside your trash container, store it until you can get it to the transfer station and dispose of it there.

And disposing of your holiday trash the right way will also make things a lot easier when it is picked  up. David Lehfeldt, Wichita Falls Sanitation Superintendent says anything that makes the process run more smoothly on a busy trash pick up day is greatly appreciated.

Residents should also be aware when disposing of any old electronics. The hard drive can still contain a lot of your personal information. Best Buy does recycle old electronics free of charge.

If you need to dispose of your Christmas tree, Wichita Falls has Christmas tree drop off locations open 24 hours until January 15th. The drop off spots are at  Lucy and Kiwanis Park. You can also dispose of your tree yourself free of charge at the Transfer Station or Land field.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6