Vernon's Santa Rosa Palomino Club Rides in the Rose Parade

A Texoma club is heading on a trip of a life time, but it would not have happened without the communities support. Vernon's Santa Rosa Palomino Club will be participating for the first time in the Rose Parade.

The Santa Rosa Palomino Club riders have a lot on their minds. They are headed to California to meet up with the rest of the 22 Palomino riders and get ready for the 123rd Tournament of Roses Parade and represent Texoma.

John Barum, President of the Santa Rosa Palomino Club comments, "For us to apply the first time and be selected the first time is a big honor. It will be a trip of a life time for us." Barum says the team was honored when Rural America's Most Important Network approached their ride team a few moths ago. They asked them to apply for the Rose Parade and lead the RFD-TV float in honor of Roy Rogers. Barum says, "It's an honor for someone to think of you to even ask you to be in this parade. But then you have to get accepted into the parade."

And getting accepted is not an easy or cheap process. RFD-TV paid for the application fee, but once they got accepted it was more money on the line. "Everybody really got excited. We started trying to figure out how we were going to get this pulled off in two months knowing it was going to be expensive."

It was $50,000 just to transport 24 Palomino horses. That is a hefty price tag for a ride team  in rural Texas. But the Santa Rosa Palomino Club pulled it off with Texoma's help. And because of the communities support and donations these riders are off and ready to ride in this years Rose Parade.     

John Barum tells us it is very rare to find a riding group who just ride Palomino horses, and it is rare that we have one in Vernon. The Santa Rosa Palomino Club has been around for 60 years and just two months ago, they were inducted into the Texas Rodeo Hall of Fame.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6