Free Ride Home For You and Your Car

When the sun sets Saturday, millions will head out to send off 2011 with a bang and probably a drink. While the parties are fun, many people choose to get behind the wheel after they have been drinking. That's something Big Daddy's Towing and Recovery owner Jody Wade is trying to prevent.

Big Daddy's is offering partiers – and their vehicles – a free lift home. Its all to avoid disaster. "We've seen some bad wrecks, and it definitely makes you think when you see these cars come in head-on collisions, burst into flames there are some major fatalities that have happened here lately," said Wade.

Wade also said many people do not want to leave their car at a bar and take a cab home. He wants to take the excuse of worrying about the car off the table. "Let's be safe and let's not worry about the vehicle let's worry about you," he said.

There are some restrictions to the program. Drivers must be located at a drinking establishment and destination must be within the City limits of Wichita Falls.  The program runs from midnight to 2AM. It is free.

To take advantage of the program call Big Daddy's at 940-767-5555.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6