Dental Healthcare For Children

When it comes to receiving dental care more children may be skipping out on their twice a year cleanings, but a community health center in Wichita Falls is raising awareness about the benefits of getting your teeth checked.

In a rough economy people may view dental health care as  a luxury rather than a necessity. When it comes to children dentists are seeing the trend there too. Dr. Oran Troegle, a dentist with Community Healthcare Center says, "A lot of children come in and basically their little mouth is a train wreck. We have to try to restore what we can."

Dr. Troegle says pain should not be the only indication for a parent to bring their child in. 
"A lot of people blow it off unless they hurt. If you go when you're hurt you've gone to late."
But you can never be too late when it comes to dental health care.

Despite the downturn in the economy more resources are available to families who cannot afford dental insurance. Dr. Troegle comments, "We are seeing more children because I believe of the different governmental agencies. They are providing avenues to bring children in to receive really good dental care."

And once Dr. Troegle gets each new patient in his chair he is raising awareness one child at a time. Preventative dental care is the most important message he says. "Later in life we start seeing more pronounced health care and more problems, especially as the person gets older. There's a great reason to take care of your mouth."

The Community Healthcare Center is also raising awareness by their mobile facility. Their dental mobile van goes out to schools in the area and screen children for dental problems.
They hope their efforts will promote more parents to believe in consistent dental care.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6