Increased Law Enforcement in Montague During New Years Eve

Alcohol has been available for sale in Montague County for the past few weeks and with the New Year around the corner that could mean extra police control on the streets this weekend.

Sheriff Cunningham says a much larger amount of law enforcement will be looking out for drunk drivers this weekend, but he says that is not because of the new law.

"This is not because of the new alcohol sales in the county, we would have done this anyway," says Cunningham.

He says not much has changed when it comes to drunk drivers since the alcohol law was passed in Bowie.  "As far as we know we haven't seen an increase at this point."

Even without an increase of alcohol related accidents, he says the county will still be taking every precaution this weekend.  "We don't have a big issue with it or we haven't in the past, but this is a precaution.  We want people to know we are going to be out."

Patrol cars will be out ready to insure the safety of the community and Cunningham says, drivers can expect to see more than usual.

"We'll have probably three times the staff than what we normally have out in the evening and at night," says Cunningham.

Still he says he doesn't feel that the new law will have a negative effect.  "I don't think it'll affect it at all because it wasn't that far maybe 15-20 minute drive for them to get it anyway."

Most residents in Montague County say just like Cunningham, they don't believe local alcohol sales will effect the roads more than before.

Montague resident, Lupe Pereyda says, "If you put the liquor closer they might not go further and it might be a little bit safer because they don't have to travel.  Keep it closer and maybe you'll have less accidents."

Whether residents are concerned or not the Montague County Sheriff's Office says they will be ready and on the look out.

"If we can keep one person from being hurt or killed over the holiday weekend than we've done our job," says Cunningham.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.