Troopers Looking Out for Drunk Drivers on New Year's Eve

You can expect law enforcement agencies to be on the lookout for drunk drivers.  The Department of Public Safety says last New Year's Eve there were 17 alcohol related deaths on the roads across Texas.

DPS Trooper Tony Fulton says drivers can expect to see a much larger amount of troopers out tonight on the lookout for impaired drivers.  Trooper Fulton says the legal limit is 0.08 but, a drivers limit does not have to be that high in order for them to get arrested.  He says it is possible for someone with a lower tolerance to get arrested with a blood alcohol level below 0.08 if they have lost normal mental and physical functions.

Fulton says, "We have alcohol as a pretty big factor in fatality crashes and we know that alcohol is going to be increased with our drivers at this time of year so due to that were going to have a lot of our troopers who might have been off this weekend and that's what their primary goal is going to be.  Looking for impaired drivers."

He says that this time last year there were 3,300 traffic crashes on Texas roads.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.