Seventeen DWI Arrests Made Over the Holiday Weekend

With the anticipation of drunk drivers out on the roads during the New Year weekend, law enforcement increased their numbers in an effort to decrease the amount of alcohol related accidents.  We caught up with the Sheriff's office, Police Department and the Department of Public Safety and all together they report a total of 17 DWI arrests made over the holiday weekend.

"That's more than what we would typically do in a normal weekend," says DPS Trooper Tony Fulton.

Fulton says this weekend was a busy one on the roads with law enforcement boosting their numbers to keep the roads and people safe.

"There was a lot of traffic out on the road.  A lot of people passing through so traffic was high," he says

DPS had every available trooper out on the road during the weekend.

"We had a higher number of troopers out on the road than what we would normally have out on a weekend," explains Fulton.  And from the numbers it looks like beefing up patrol units may have helped keep the roads safer.  Six arrests were made by State Troopers, three by Police and eight arrests made by the Sheriff's Office, totaling to 17 drunk drivers off the streets.

"We got a lot of drunk drivers off the road and there was not a large number of bad crashes so I think it was a successful weekend," says Fulton.

And he says in order to keep drivers safe, DPS will continue to increase their presence on holidays.

Fulton says, "We know that these types of holidays, there's going to be a lot of alcohol involved so anytime we have that were going to have all available troopers out on the road looking for these dangerous situations."

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.