Hours From Voting, Some Iowans Are Still Undecided

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - Many Iowa GOP voters still haven't settled on a favorite, just hours before the state's caucuses begin. More than a-third of them say they could change their minds.

Phil Ubben of Sioux City says, "It might come down to the speeches at the caucuses. I want to support someone who can go all the way and defeat the Democrats in November."

Sixty-five-year-old eyeglass salesman Paul Massey says, "I want to make sure I vote for and caucus for someone who is a winner. We cannot have another four years of Obama."

How many people turn out to vote tonight will help drive the results. In 2008, more than 120,000 Republicans showed up. That's a record.

Weather could be a factor in this year's attendance. Iowa hasn't had much snow this winter, and there were clear but cold forecasts across the state.