More Women Buying Guns

Every holiday season brings a spike in gun sales.  The FBI saw the largest amount of background checks for gun purchases on Black Friday and local gun shops report that sales grew even more into Christmas.

I spoke to several people who say it's been women who caused gun sales to spike.  Local experts say more women have been purchasing firearms or receiving them as gifts.  For some businesses, they've been surprised at how many more women are coming through their doors than men.

"I've had a lot more women come this year than I have in the past," says certified shooting instructor Kathy Richardson.

Richardson owns a pistol range in Wichita Falls and she says a new trend has been hard not to notice at her business.  It was a recent class ratio that she says showed her just how things seem to be changing.

"Over the last several months I've seen more women come out.  They've called me wanting private lessons to learn how to shoot a gun and then they'll take my classes," she says.  "I had 12 in the class and there were 11 women and 1 male."

And it seems that most of her female customers come into her range completely new to shooting.  Richardson says the women's common interest for wanting to learn how to shoot is self defense.  "I've had a lot of women that would call me and they would say I've never had a gun before, I don't know how to shoot."

She says, "They want the gun to be at home when their husbands are gone.  They want to carry it for self protection."

And the proof is in the sales.  This past year Richardson sold the largest amount of gift certificates for her classes than even before.

"Around December the gun sales go up.  My phone calls get increased."

She says as a female instructor, it's exciting for her to be apart of this new and growing trend.  "They are really getting active out there, the women are.  I just love it."

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.