City Realigning Rhea, Lawrence Road

One of the busiest pairs of intersections in Wichita Falls are getting a makeover. The goal is to help traffic flow. The City Council took action today to take some of the final steps toward the Rhea and Lawrence Road realignment at Call Field.

"This project has been identified for many years as a congestion problem," said City Engineer Davis Powell, P.E. Lawrence and Rhea roads are a few hundred yards apart forcing there to be two traffic lights and a whole bunch of congestion and waiting.

Those problems will end soon. "The City had looked at several options with this," said Powell. The City is going to tear down the old Strategic Realtors building and make Lawrence Road go right through it, realigning it with Rhea Road. "That will make it a lot better, a lot smoother traffic, you won't have the traffic sitting, stacked up between the two intersections," said Powell.

The project is in the final design phase. The City will be advertising for bids on the project later this month and Council is expected to take action in February. The goal is to have it all said and done before the holiday shopping season. "We're trying to schedule this where it will have the least possible impact on the driving public on this busy section of corridor during construction," said Powell.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6