Electra Memorial Hospital: Addition and Renovation Project

One Texoma town is making big changes. Today Electra Memorial Hospital broke ground on a massive addition and renovation project. Which means a new hospital facility and more jobs are coming to Electra.

For about six years now they have been wanting to make changes and improve the hospital and now it is finally happening. Once this project is done the hospital will be double its size and create ten more jobs.

There is a new vision for Electra Memorial Hospital. Hospital and city officials broke ground with shovels and hard hats celebrating the New Addition And Renovation Project.    
Jan Reed, CEO and Administrator of Electra Hospital District says, "It's like a dream come true. We waited for this for so many years. Now we will have room to offer the services that we just couldn't do because we didn't have the space."

Reed says it started back in 2006 when an inspector told hospital staff their laboratory was too small. At that point advisors and architects started strategically planning the future of Electra Memorial Hospital. And now with funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the $11.4 million project was set to get underway.

Hospital staff says with this project the Electra Memorial Hospital will double in size, creating a new patient wing which is already under construction and much more. Reed comments, "We'll be able to offer new services such as cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, which we do not offer at this time. And just in general give more space for all of the services that we do deliver."

And the community of Electra has been very supportive and is very excited for the future of the hospital. Reed says, "We continue to grow and expand and be the health care pulse of this community. Our clinic is here, our physicians are here, and this really is the heart of health care in Electra."

The project will be done in three phases and is scheduled to be completed in April of 2013. 
Hospital staff hopes the new project will attract new patients.

The Electra Memorial Hospital tells Newschannel 6 McCarthy Construction from Dallas is doing all the construction.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6