Food Pantry Expanding in Holliday

A food pantry in Holliday is expanding so it can continue to help the need in their community.  Pastor Mike Wells of the Holliday Assembly of God church says the building they run their food pantry out of now just isn't big enough to hold all the food.  With the recent beginning of a new building for the food pantry, he says he and his team are looking forward to being a bigger help to their neighbors.

"There's always been a need.  Seems like it continues to grow," says Wells.  He says since they first began about a year and a half ago, they've seen more and more families come to their doors.

"Probably had close to 30 families showed up that first month," says Wells.

And now its not uncommon for the food pantry to feed 200 to 300 people each month.  He says the room that they operate out of now isn't big enough to keep up with the growing number of people in need.

"The little room we cleaned out that we put food in, we outgrew that real quick and so we don't have the room to do what we do," he says.

That's why the building of a brand new food pantry is big news for this small 15 member church.

"The main reason is because we don't have the room back here to operate.  Over there we'll have 3,200 square feet," explains Wells.

Ground has been broken and construction is under way for the future home of the Harvest Food Ministry, a building that will cost about $300,000 to build.  Some of the money has come from an unnamed donor, but the church still needs help to complete the project.

"We rely on funding from other people," Wells says.  He hopes this addition will allow for more community members to get involved in the food pantry's mission, helping those in need.

"We have a lot of people from other churches in the community that want to help and for them to do that, we have to have more room."  Wells says he and the pantry volunteers are excited and humbled by the idea of the new building as they look forward to continue to feed Archer County.

"It's a heart breaking thing when you're were a part of this ministry and you hear this common saying that this the first time I've ever had to do this.  I know its hard on a lot of people," Wells says.

You can track the building process of the new food pantry in Holliday by visiting their Facebook.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.