City View Remembers Mo

A neighborhood is in mourning after the murder of a beloved convenience store owner. Those who knew Mohammad "Mo" Ahmad said he was a kind, caring, funny and generous man. He was well known in the City View area as someone that would help anyone in need.

News about his murder spread quickly."I still don't believe it," said Crystal Stanton. She said she would often walk up to Mo's Grocery to see him. The last time was just a few minutes before his death. "I wouldn't even have enough money to get some sugar, and he would let me get it," she said Mo often worked on the honor system to help people out when they were in need.

Others echoed that claim. Krystal Fields stopped in Mo's with her grandson frequently. "We always stop here every day when I pick him up from school and yesterday for some reason, I didn't stop," she said it would have been at exactly the time of the murder. Today she came to bring flowers and share her memories. "Mo was a wonderful guy. We'd come in here when we were hurting for money,  and didn't have any money for gas to get back and forth to work and he'd loan us gas money or he'd pay for our gas until we got paid," she recounted through tears.

Fields was not alone in bringing flowers by the store. Wednesday evening, a number of flowers, cards and candles were laid at the entrance to the store. While investigators look for clues, City View residents look for answers that may never come. Despite the sign on Mo's Grocery reading "closed", hearts are torn open. "Its wrong that they would kill him as much as he helped this community," said Bahira Reed. "He was a good man; he's going to be missed by the neighbors up here," said Fields. Through tears, Stanton agreed. "I just hate that he died, I hate that. City View will never be the same without Mo."

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6