Child Advocate Agencies Need Your Support: Foster Families Are Needed

Every month children are being removed from their homes and being put under child protective services. Right now there are over 100 cases in Texoma.

Ron Bryant, Executive Director with Child Advocates CASA comments, "When we see things like a bad economy or increase in drug use, that's when our numbers begin to climb." And numbers right now are sitting at 138 in Wichita Falls and surrounding counties. These children have been taken from their homes and are now under the CPS supervision. 

When CPS cannot find a placement for the child with a qualified relative they will turn to foster care. Bryant says, "Which is why foster homes are so vital to this whole dynamic. They can perhaps stay in the same school continue to have the same friends continue in the community and support system they know." But the problem, Bryant says 20 to 30 foster homes in the area is not enough.  

Local foster care recruiter Misty Bridges with Bair Foundation says their foster families are at full  capacity right now and turning away cases is never easy. "They love the family they came from and it's hard to be taken away from that. They don't know any better and they don't know what happened. They don't understand the situation and it's really sad to have no place for a kid to go."

So local child advocate agencies need your help. Bryant comments, "You can make a world of a difference in the life of a child. If they know they have some one who cares enough about them to put the time and effort to being a foster parent."

Misty Bridges tells us it is very difficult to place teenagers in foster homes in this area. It is also hard to find foster families who are willing to take on the challenge of welcoming older sibling groups in their homes.

Child advocate agencies in the area admit it is not an easy task to become a foster parent, but they say it is so rewarding, adding they are in desperate for your help.

Natalie Garcia, Newschannel 6