Navy Seabees Give Back to the Community

The Navy Seabees at Sheppard Air Force Base work hard each year to be of service to those around them. The Seabees complete over 5,000 hours of community service each year.   These men and women participate in several different projects all year round.

"We spend a lot of time giving our time to people who need our help out in the community as a group," says First Class Phillip Brown.

The Seabees work hard to make community service a big part of what they do.

Brown says, "It's a big part of our schedule.  We balance between community service and work."

They give their time to building projects, clean ups and today, feeding the hungry.

"Here at Faith Mission serving food to those who come to eat," explains Brown.

They partner with organizations like Patsy's House, Meals on Wheels, Rainbow House and Faith Mission.  These men and women work hard all year round not only serving our country, but making a difference in the community.  They say it's something they enjoy being a part of as a group.

"We like working together in anything that we do and if we are going to represent the Navy or the Seabees we like to do it in a group," says Brown.  "We like to put the Seabee name out there by just helping people and serving."

And upcoming projects will keep them busy all year.

"We're getting ready to do Habitat for Humanity in a couple weeks," Brown says.

And it's knowing that they have helped and brightened someone's day that is the most rewarding part.

"We'll come out and help and lend a helping hand and the only pay back we like is just a smile on somebody's face.  That's something we like to do," he says.

The leaders of the group say they incorporate the service hours in order to teach their men and women the importance of giving back to the community.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.