Officer Over The Limit: One Family's Tragic Loss

Today Newschannel 6 spoke with one of the families affected by the officer over the limit crash. 
The parents of Yeni Lopez welcomed Newschannel 6 into their home. The Lopez family says it has been seven months since their daughter Yeni and Gloria Montoya were killed.  They say it is still going to be a long road ahead to recover the loss of their daughter.

It was a very emotional conversation because Newschannel 6 crews could see the Lopez family's pain as Yeni's parents teared up when they talked about their daughter. The Lopez family is still trying to overcome their terrible loss.

It is a position no parent ever wants to find themselves in, mourning the loss of a child. As Yeni Lopez's mother went through family pictures one by one, she never thought something like this could of happen to her and her own daughter. Yeni's mother tells us, "Family and friends always ask me, 'why did this happen to Yeni?' She was everyone's friend and was loved by so many people. I also ask the same thing. Why did this have to happen to my daughter?"

Yeni's father says he is still in shock and when asked what he had to say about the former officer blamed for his daughter's death he comments, "I don't wish this on anyone or any parent. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes. I wouldn't wish that at all." But, Yeni's parents both say not a day goes by that they do not think about Yeni and her beautiful smile. They say they  will never forget her, and will always have her in their memories. They will carry her with them everyday in their minds and thoughts.

It was June 30th when Yeni's parents who were in Mexico at the time, got the phone call every parent would dread. A family friend told them their daughter Yeni was involved in a horrible accident. It was not until later that day that Yeni's parent say they found out she had passed away. They say the drive from Mexico to Wichita Falls seemed like an eternity.    

But, they say they could not have gone through this tragic time without the community's support, and for that they are most grateful. Yeni's father says, "We are so grateful that everyone has helped us take our daughter back to Mexico. We are so grateful to all of Wichita because no one left us. Everyone of the people here supported us and everyone helped us. We don't even have the words to thank everyone."

The Lopez family told Newschannel 6 they know this has been a difficult time for the Montoya family as well. They want to reach out to the Montoya family to let them know they hope things go back to how they used to be.

The Lopez family also tells Newschannel 6 Yeni's younger brother, who is fifteen years old has been taking the loss very hard. They say he was at the scene the night of the accident and saw the aftermath.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6