Campaign Confusion

The Texas primaries are creating frustration and confusion.  Due to redistricting, a second filing period for the primaries has not been given a start date, but there is a deadline.

"That is totally unprecedented.  It's uncharted territory for the state of Texas to have a second filing period," says Donna Long, the Wichita County Republican Party Chairwoman.

And what's more is that this second period will allow anyone to file.

"What the courts have said is that when they do open up a filing period again anyone can file for any office in the state of Texas," says Long.

While this is all new to Texas, where the main issue of concern lies is in the dates.  The second filing period has not been given a start date, but it does have a deadline of Feb. 1st.

Right now the Supreme Court is working to decide on a new redistricting map for Texas.

Wichita County Democratic Party Chairman John Richie said he had a chance to look at one of the proposed maps sent to the Supreme Court for consideration.  He said the new map would increase the voting precincts from 35 to 57.

Long says, "No one knows which map is going to be approved."

Both the Democratic and Republican party chairs say that with the uncertainty of the date could make things more difficult.  They both say they worry that this could push back the April 3rd primary election date.

"We could even have our primary date changed again and put off later and to me that is almost disenfranchising the voters of Texas," explains Long.

And what is even more concerning to Long is that this issue with the date could keep Texans away from the polls.

"Hopefully it wont have a negative affect on the number of people that go out to vote, no matter when the primary is held.  This is such an important election year, I can't stress that enough," Long says.

Long also says there is the fear of people feeling discouraged to go to the polls because of the issue with the dates.

Taelor Rian, Newschannel 6.