Where The Sidewalk Ends

Residents in one area of town are concerned about their safety. A small portion of Kemp doesn't have sidewalks and some fear a pedestrian involved accident can happen at any time.
Between 9th and Seymour Highway off Kemp a lot of cars pass through there every day. Some residents that live in those two apartment complexes, The Timbers and Heritage House walk because they don't have a car, which isn't a problem until the sidewalk ends.

Thousands of cars keep the street bustling with traffic.

"There's a lot of traffic on this hill," said Resident Andrew Zamora. "There's a lot of pedestrian traffic also."

A combination of the two, is what worries these residents.

"I'm afraid that somebody is going to be hit because of no sidewalk," said Breanne Perez.

John Hardin fears that he could be hit. He drives his scooter around town but he's limited on where he can travel.

"It would be a whole lot easier if I could go up Kemp," said Hardin.

He can't because just down the road the sidewalk ends. Andrew Zamora and his 15-year-old cousin Breanna Perez have walked along the rocky path before.

"I was afraid of getting hit and being alone," said Perez.

From sidewalk to no sidewalk to up and over a hill where they find relief. It can be dangerous.  Only one side of the street even has some sort of trail, and some parts often leave a person to move onto the street, directly in traffic.

"The current ordinance is that the sidewalk and the maintenance of those sidewalks are the responsibility of the property owner," said City Engineer, Davis Powell.        

Heritage House maintains its sidewalk like it should be, but walk the path a little longer and you'll come across the area where the sidewalk ends, the city says it because of the vacant lot.

"Until that area is developed there probably would not be a sidewalk," said Power.

Under city ordinance only newly developed areas must have sidewalks. If a structure was developed before those rules were in place then it isn't required, and if there isn't a structure, there is no requirement.

"At night you can't see people walking until potentially too late," said Andrew Zamora.

A problem that Andrew says can be solved with a slab of concrete.

City Engineer Davis Powell says there is no set city fund for sidewalks.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.