Carter Aviation Technologies Expanding In Texoma

The days of doing business in a small, limited facility is over for Carter Aviation Technologies. The small aviation firm is expanding. At one point in time however, it only had six employees. Now, its sights are set on a larger workforce and now that's possible.

With help from the city of Wichita Falls, Carter Aviation moved into a brand new 20,000 sq. ft. building ready to commercialize its unique aviation technology and eventually, bring more jobs to the Falls.

The transition to the market may be a long one, but Anita C. Infante, Carter Air Vehicles' Vice President of Marketing says the company's humble beginnings were actually an asset in the long-run.

Carter Aviation's aircraft technology is unique and efficient. With the technology, they've developed what's called a "personal air vehicle." The aircraft can fly straight into the air, and is small enough to fit in tight spots.

"From a personal air vehicle to a cargo delivery aircraft, to search and rescue - where you need to get in somewhere close to fighting or fire, you can take people out very quickly," Infante said.

And Carter Aviation thinks it's in the perfect place to introduce the technology to the market for the first time. They said, with the man power and now the new space, Wichita Falls has what the company needs.

Brittany Glas, Newschannel 6.